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In the world of miniature painters, there are many gadgets designed to make our work easier. One of them are holders to which we attach our minis, (which is to become a work of piece of art in the future), so that it will be easier for us to paint. In addition to the immortal large corks for fermenting wine in gallons, manufacturers have prepared dedicated solutions for us.

The set presented in the review is for reviewers, but if you write to the manufacturer, I think there is an option to purchase one.

wood box

One of such devices is the handle from FALLENDICE.PL I received it from the manufacturer in a company wooden box with an etched logo, so I’m already excited to have another gadget on the shelf?

Inside there is a pear-shaped handle with a neodymium magnet, 3 heads (1 large, 2 small), a metal sticker and a keychain with the manufacturer’s logo. Everything is kept in a printed molding for the set’s elements. The whole thing looks very good and pleasing to the eye


The holder itself is probably printed from thin filament, hard, does not deform and looks quite great. The thin filament creates a texture that makes the handle firmly hold even in sweaty hands.

The operation of the head with the thumb is quite smooth, which can be seen in my video: the head does not pop out of the handle because it has a lower collar that fits nicely to the handle itself. You can see that everything is carefully measured and tested by the manufacturer.

Minis on holder

I mount the figures on the heads themselves mainly using self-adhesive mass, but you can also place the miniature on a magnet that would be in the base. Even a bust can fit on a larger head, unless we install a rod there first, as this holder is not intended for this purpose.

Holder & mini

To sum up: the handle is worth recommending. First of all, it is comfortable, fits well in the hand and is lightweight, which means it does not feel heavy in the hand. When we put it on the desktop, it is stable and it won’t fall with the figure. The pear-shaped shape is universal and improves grip, we can freely rotate the head with our thumb, changing the position of the figure. The price is also encouraging. I think it is quite solid equipment, and if you are considering buying your first handle, I can recommend it to you. The disadvantages include the lack of mounting for larger busts. I think that this size is not suitable for very heavy resin busts, as the holder may overwhelm them, or at higher ambient temperatures, the adhesive mass may not hold the bust.

FallenDice holder Set

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