Loremaster, elven wizard from Age of Sigmar

Hello, this is my next, finally finished project: Loremaster from Age of Sigmar.

After a great competition in Warsaw (Poland) Hussar, where I took 3rd place in the War Mashine category (Penthesilea, Amazon Warrioress), full of enthusiasm I took on the next figurine.

The choice fell on the older minis from the forge Games Workshop.

For starters: a coat. With this miniature, I wanted to think more carefully about the colors. After studying the triad of colors, I came to the conclusion that I would choose 2 main colors: Green and purple and metal with a blue color with gold additions. Gold combines fantastic with purple

Then painting the armor, I chose the blue metal. And I practiced NMM

The other thing is golden accessories such as moons and sword guards

However, the elf’s face caused me the most problems. Probably because I painted my face after painting the helmet. After painting the whole miniature, I realized that the elf has a fireball in his hand, and it could use somehow to mark on the minis.

I made a mistake here, because I had not planned to darken this elf to highlight the incident light from the ball. I’ll keep that in mind in the next mini. You can evaluate the effect yourself. I hope you like it 🙂


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