New Stuff from Ammo by Mig Jamirez and

Recently, from a Polish shop(and modeling distributor) selling materials for figurine painters (though not exclusively), I received a rather unusual but promising set of chemicals for making whatering. The store is and the set is from Ammo by Mig Jamirez.

The whole set looks like this:

Here you will find the most useful elements that will help us get the model “dirty”. In addition to the “must have” wash, the manufacturer also added “Dark City Dust” and 4 application brushes with oil effects. Additionally, there are also 2 dry brush effects. The first one is to create a great metal effect, without using metallic paints, and the second one is about chipping, which I am very curious about. There was also a thinner and a liquid for creating the scratch effect.

The packaging of the entire set and the arrangement of all the elements are really professional and impressive. All elements are located in holes cut in the stiff foam. It looks nice.

A very nice option is a book/instruction that helps us become familiar with weathering techniques. each element of the set is described: what it is used for, how it should be applied. There are also QR codes on each page that lead to official Ammo by Mig Jamirez tutorials on YouTube. A more nice touch is that the manual is also in Polish in addition to English and Spanish 🙂

In the near future I will want to try out the entire set on my Skorpius Disintegrator model. I will be sending work reports on my Facebook profile 🙂

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