Industrial Basses from Warhead Studio

In this week I had a pleasure to paint few miniatures bases from Warhead Studio.

Warhead Studio is a new magnificent place in Wroclaw in Poland, where my two friends Luke and Matt create terrain elements to wargames. (Necromunda, Dropzone Commander, Age of Sigmar, Saga and many many more).

In free time in studio office we play on many wargame and discus about this elements, tactics in wargame an we have a lot of fun.

Recently I have gotten from Matt & Luke a few industrial miniatures bases. There are perfect to Necromunda or Kill Team and I think It would be very good to Infinity System to.

I had spent many times to find some inspiration, how to paint this base, and I found a lot of them. I decided that I would paint every base in difrent scheme. And this is effects of my work :

In future I would like to create video tutorial, how I paint this bases.

Please remember to visit: 🙂

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